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About Bonnie

Bonnie Saunders - Artist/Artisan/Photographer

Welcome to Bonnie Saunders' "Official" Store, a wonderful source for a growing collection of unique, high quality pieces that derive from a combination of Bonnie Saunders' artwork, her artisanal expertise and her photography.  


As the sole proprietor of Glass Treasures by Bonnie Saunders, you may know of Bonnie's artisanal work as she supports those who risk their lives to protect us.  This includes:

~ Canadian Armed Forces


~ International Association of Firefighter

~ Canadian Coast Guard

~ Police Services and so many more.


This site however, shares the "artistic" side of Bonnie, which originates with her coloured pencil drawings.  Inspired by all things beautiful, Bonnie's launch begins with 2 pieces - the Purple Pansy and the Bald Eagle, the first two of many yet to be revealed, that are to be enjoyed, worn, adorned, played with and shown off!   


How I Got Started

"It all began with one plate, which featured my own hand drawn art of 2 pears which I then applied to a clear glass plate and transformed with a rich crackle effect.  This crackle effect is extremely finicky but I mastered it over the years and as the "plate lady", I am now renown for this rich look to my pieces.  With the encouragement from a dear friend, I showed this particular plate, "a one of a kind" piece, to two people in particular.  That got the ball rolling...


Artist/Artisan Bonnie Saunders' very first plate - Two Pears

My very first plate featuring my own original colored pencil artwork of two pears.

Glass Treasures by Bonnie Saunders

In 2001, I decided very carefully for the right name and that is how "Glass Treasures by Bonnie Saunders" began! 

Artist Bonnie Saunders signs each piece she has tranformed.

I enjoy the tricky transformation process as it is something that took a long time to master, therefore I make sure that each pieces gets signed once completed.




Meeting Prince Edward

I was extremely honoured in 2003, when the Lloydminster Centennial Committee commissioned me to design and produce a Limited Edition of one hundred Commemorative Collector Plates to Celebrate 100 Years for the city of Lloydminster.  

On our way for my presentation to HRH Prince Edward during the Lloydminster Centennial Celebrations in 2003
It was such a memorable highlight in my career and I was so proud to have my husband, two sons and my family with me to share in this royal event!
Presentation by Bonnie Saunders to HRH Prince Edward in 2003
Imagine my delight to be asked to present the very first Centennial Commemorative Collector Plate to His Royal Highness, The Earl of Wessex, in person, during a special gala in the city of Lloydminster. I was awestruck, nervous and excited to meet Prince Edward!
Yes, he shook my hand and I have not washed it since (just kidding).

Provincial Centennials

Alberta and Saskatchewan Centennial Collector Plates. These were gifted by the City Of Lloydminster to each of the Western Premiers of Canada in 2005.

I designed and drew these Alberta and Saskatchewan Centennial Collector Plates featuring the Alberta Wild Rose and the Saskatchewan Tiger Lily.  These were gifted by the City Of Lloydminster to each of the Western Premiers of Canada in 2005.



Approval for the RCMP CrestRCMP Crest Plate


In 2007, I obtained a licensing agreement to produce RCMP Crest Plates (this was not an easy task).  Over the years, they have made great personalized gifts for graduating members of the RCMP!

Graduation from Depot.  The perfect graduation gift! 

 "I bought a plate for my son’s graduation. It is truly a work of art and he really appreciated it. He especially liked the fact that his name and regimental number were on the frame. Bonnie was very helpful throughout the whole process and it was a pleasure to deal with her. She even called after the graduation to see if it had arrived safely and on time. I had the plate sent right to Depot so he would receive it on his graduation day and it worked beautifully. Thanks again Bonnie!"

Edmonton Oilers Hockey Great Paul Coffey

Edmonton Oilers Paul Coffey Collector Plate LE of 70

I was commissioned by the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Association to design and create a Limited Edition of 70 Collector Plates to honour Edmonton Oiler hockey legend Paul Coffey's retirement in 2007. 

Here he is shown with the one I gifted to him. He received #7 of 70.

Canadian Forces Approvals: 
Canadian Forces Badge Plate - the first of MANY approvals over the years! In 2008, I obtained a licensing agreement to produce Canadian Forces Badge Plates.  Again, this was not an easy task as I had NO idea exactly how many badges and crests there actually are! Each one went through an approval process!
Presenting the very first Canadian Forces Crest Plate to General Rick Hillier in 2008. At the Military Families Gala in 2008, I had the pleasure and honour of presenting the VERY FIRST Canadian Forces Badge Plate to Chief of the Defence Staff for Canadian Forces General Rick Hillier!
(Oh how I wish I had a better photo of him with it!)

What a memorable day that was! June 14, 2008.

PPCLI Centennial Collector Plates I was commissioned by the PPCLI Centennial Committee and took part in the Centennial Anniversary of the PPCLI by producing 3 special plates in honour of this milestone.  These were unveiled 2012 at a special gala
for the Military Families Fund!
Presentation by Bonnie Saunders to Colonel-In-Chief Adrienne Clarkson On Sept 7, 2012 I had the honour of making a special presentation of the first PPCLI Battle Honours Plate to the Regiment's Colonel-In-Chief, The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson during the PPCLI Gala.Presentation of Marguerite Badge Plate by Bonnie Saunders to LGen Ray Crabbe I had the honour of presenting the very first Marguerite Cap Badge Plate to the Colonel of the Regiment, Lieutenant-General (Retired) Ray Crabbe
on Sept 7, 2012 during the PPCLI Gala.   Canadian Airborne Reunion in Edmonton in 2013   It does not happen often so I was thrilled to be invited to showcase my work and was welcomed during a CAR Reunion by an incredible group of members who take great pride in having served with the Canadian Airborne Regiment.  This was in 2013 and subsequently, I was invited again to help celebrate the regiment's 50th Anniversary in 2018!
PPCLI Centennial Display of Glass Treasures by Bonnie Saunders I enjoyed showcasing my work during the PPCLI Centennial Celebrations and meeting many of my wonderful customers and friends in 2014.Presentation to HRH Prince Philip as Colonel-In-Chief of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa
I take great pride in knowing (and with a photo as well) that a special set of plates were presented to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh who is the Colonel-In-Chief of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa in 2015. 
"Bonnie, I can say that HRH was very pleased with the commemorative plates, and it was an honour for me to make this presentation.
LCol Robert Patchett"

"The Commanding Officer of the Cameron Highlanders, Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Patchett presents His Royal Highness Prince Philip with commemorative regimental plates. Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa visited His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Colonel-in-Chief Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa on November 19 to thank him for the royal honorific name "Duke of Edinburgh's Own" he recently bestowed on the Regiment."


International Association of Fire Fighters

Glass Treasures by Bonnie Saunders is proud to support the International Association of Fire Fighters 

Received a licensing agreement for the IAFF and am very proud to support the International Association of Fire Fighters

Proudly Canadian

I am so proud to support those who protect us with a portion of my sales  being directed to specific funds as featured on my other website:  

There is more to come…  
"I have enjoyed this thrilling journey and watched as my business evolved from my own coloured pencil art on plates to “officially approved” mementos to honour those who protect us.  What an honour and privilege this is!!    It has been SO awesome to be able to work from home.  I LOVE it and would not change a thing!  I have found my niche and have also found my purpose, which is to encourage  people to take their God given talents and let it become a blessing to others and to know that you can dream BIG and you can achieve those dreams!
Now it is time to reach back to my roots, to the beginning of it all!  And here it is!   Thank you ALL, my family, my friends, for your wonderful support over the years! ❤ "            


The recipients of Bonnie's work include all walks of life: the traveller; the gardener; the cabin owner; the hunter; the professional; the homemaker; service personnel; the animal lover; everyday people; people who enjoy life, and LOVE how incredible they look with these eye catching accessories and more!

Have questions?  Feel free to contact Bonnie at any time by emailing her at:

You won't find Bonnie's work anywhere else so browse around and have some fun!  THERE ARE MORE ART PIECES BEING RELEASED in the future, so be sure not to miss out on them!  Best way to not miss is to subscribe.